Surgery represents a serious commitment on your part to improve your self-image and well-being. Dr. Timek will have an in-depth conversation with you about what each of your surgical procedures is intended to achieve based upon your concerns, anatomical findings, and goals. A candid discussion about the technical aspects of each procedure will assure you of Dr. Timek’s thoroughness.

Your first step begins with Dr. Timek’s consultation. She will listen to your primary and secondary areas of concern. Dr. Timek will then carry out a systematic and detailed analysis of those specific sites as well as adjacent structures that may influence your main areas of concern. Through photographs and physical findings, Dr. Timek will describe and clarify the findings. Dr. Timek will provide you with the advantages and limitations of each surgical option. She will select the optimal procedure that can best address your aesthetic concerns. Upon your decision to proceed, the Office Manager or a Medical Assistants will assist you with the final details to prepare you for your procedure, either at our office or an outpatient facility or hospital.

Day of Surgery
If your procedure is scheduled in an outpatient facility or hospital, the facility will instruct you on your arrival time and place to facilitate a smooth processing for your procedure. If you are having general anesthesia, you should have nothing to eat or drink the night before surgery. You should wear light and comfortable clothing and leave your jewelry at home. Some patients may wish to shower the morning of their surgery. If your procedure is scheduled at our office, a medical assistant will provide you with detailed instructions prior to the planned surgery. You may wish to have someone drive you to and from our office for your safety and to put your mind at ease.

After Surgery
You should be up and about a few days after surgery, but will need to refrain from strenuous activities for up to three to six weeks. Dr. Timek will advise you on the status of your activity level as you progress in healing. You may return to your normal meals whenever you feel up to it. Dr. Timek will inform you when to begin your daily showers after the first postoperative visit. A topical antibiotic may be applied twice daily to the sutures lines until their removal within ten days.

Your first postoperative visit is usually about three to seven days after surgery. Dr. Timek will assess your progress, remove selective sutures or drains, replace your dressings, and check your medication requirements. Your postoperative visits are an opportunity for you to ask Dr. Timek any questions about your surgery and postoperative care. Your next visit is usually about ten to fourteen days after surgery. Thereafter, you will be seen at regular intervals for up to three months or longer, depending on your recovery and outcome.