I appreciate everything you have done professionally and also your empathic concern for my welfare. It means so much in the patient-doctor relationship. You are special.
Thank you for helping me feel less stressed about how I am going to look after the surgery. It has been a very scary experience for me and you have helped to take some of the great fear out of the outcome. Thank you so much!
Grateful for your expertise. Grateful for your gift. Grateful for the start of a healthy new life. Grateful for you Dr. Timek. Thank you for everything.
We are amazed at what has been accomplished so far and I am looking forward to future recovery. It is so good to be in skillful hands.
I do not know that words can even express how special you have been to me and what a positive difference you all have made in my life.
My experience at Advanced Plastic Surgery has been wonderful. Dr. Timek has a lovely empathic extension, I felt heard, and understood.

Facials and Body Peels

Facials are therapeutic skin treatments tailored to the needs of each patient that address issues such as lack of radiance, sensitivity, skin congestions and loss of firmness. Each facial includes steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, serums, and a facial mask.

  • Signature Facial-this exclusive facial firms, moisturizes, plumps, and relaxes your face to slow down the natural aging process.
  • The Spoiled Mama-this soothing treatment promotes refined skin texture and tightens pores resulting in an even, clear complexion during and after pregnancy.