I appreciate everything you have done professionally and also your empathic concern for my welfare. It means so much in the patient-doctor relationship. You are special.
Thank you for helping me feel less stressed about how I am going to look after the surgery. It has been a very scary experience for me and you have helped to take some of the great fear out of the outcome. Thank you so much!
Grateful for your expertise. Grateful for your gift. Grateful for the start of a healthy new life. Grateful for you Dr. Timek. Thank you for everything.
We are amazed at what has been accomplished so far and I am looking forward to future recovery. It is so good to be in skillful hands.
I do not know that words can even express how special you have been to me and what a positive difference you all have made in my life.
My experience at Advanced Plastic Surgery has been wonderful. Dr. Timek has a lovely empathic extension, I felt heard, and understood.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed annually. Breast enhancement can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve self-esteem. Women may choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery for various reasons. Some ladies may perceive that their breasts are underdeveloped, or one may be happy with her breasts, but just want them made fuller. A woman’s breast volume and shape may change after weight loss, aging, childbirth, or breastfeeding. This too can cause a woman to seek a breast augmentation. Breast implant surgery performed by plastic surgeons is the most popular way to improve breast shape and size.

Using Implants

The size and type of breast implant recommended for you will be determined by your goals for breast enhancement, your existing body frame, your body mass, and your existing breast tissue. All breast implants include a solid silicone rubber outer shell filled with either sterile salt water (saline implants) or soft elastic gel (silicone implants). New scientific data on the safety of breast implants is rapidly being collected to improve refinement and reliability of breast enhancement with implants. During your consultation, Dr. Timek will provide you with the latest information.

Breast implants are not the only way to enhance women’s breasts. A novel, yet more natural approach applied by Dr. Ewa Timek, includes performing breast augmentation using patient’s own fat.

Using Fat Grafts

Fat grafting technique is the most natural way of breast enhancement. This method involves transfer of fat from abdomen, flanks or thighs to the breast. During the surgery, Dr. Timek performs several small incisions to suction and deposit the fat. The fat is prepared and placed in front and behind breast tissue, resulting in natural enhancement. Although augmentation of breasts with fat may require more than one operation, breasts augmented with fat will behave like the rest of the body and respond to weight fluctuations. Dr. Timek has vast experience with fat grafting to the breast. During your consultation, ask Dr. Timek which breast enhancement method is right for you.