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Advanced Plastic Surgery

Our Grand Rapids practice specializes in a broad spectrum of cosmetic, reconstructive, and non-surgical procedures. We are dedicated to provide our patients with the latest, most up-to-date, and evidence-based information; so together we can determine the best course of treatment.

Our staff strives to deliver comprehensive and sound medical advice that will guide patients through the decision making process. Initiating a call to our office is the most important step to beginning your process of body restoration and aesthetic rejuvenation.

Your phone call will be answered by a polite and knowledgeable staff member, who will answer any preliminary questions and establish a consultation date and time to further discuss your inquiry.

Breast Procedures

Woman’s breast undergoes changes throughout life. An inadequate breast volume and shape alters for some women their self- image and confidence. Breast appearance can be changed through a surgical intervention, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction. Using her vast experience in breast surgery, during your detailed consultation, Dr. Timek will guide you to select the procedure most appropriate for your anatomy and desires.

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Body Contouring

One strives to attain a proportioned body that is age-appropriate and achieved through wholesome eating habits and safe exercise programs. Despite these efforts, some individuals may still retain stubborn areas of localized bulges or fat deposits due to heredity and family traits. If you are concerned by imperfections of your body Dr. Timek’s consultation with you will enable you to understand the underplaying causes and find a surgical or non-surgical solution to achieve the optimal result.

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Face Procedures

The aging face reflects the tired, drawn-out appearance of aging. Gravitational changes and the effects of deflation are accentuated, producing significant bulges and irregularities from the forehead down to the neck. For selected patients, minimally invasive procedures involving Botox, injectables, and skin tightening procedures, such as face and neck lift, eyelid procedures, and fat injection may be appropriate. The end-result is a natural age-appropriate appearance that you will appreciate for many years to come.

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Medical Spa Treatments

Dr. Ewa Timek understands how your outer skin surface looks and is important to you. Hormonal shifts during the teenage years, pregnancy, and post-menopausal changes play havoc on the previously unblemished skin. Since these physiological changes are compounded by sun-induced damages and on-going aging processes, a coordinated, pro-active and medically-based approach is required to return your skin to a healthier, translucent, and glowing condition. Your skin will glow again with the expertise of our skilled staff, their time-tested techniques, medically-based products, and professional care.

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Laser Treatments

Cosmetic laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) procedures are safe and very effective to address variety of undesired skin conditions, such as unwanted hair, veins, tattoos, blemishes, pigmented lesions and fine lines and wrinkles of the face, body, and hands. Based on extensive research, we have developed medical protocols combining advanced skin care with sophisticated laser treatments to both address the individual needs of our patients and meet our standards for medical excellence.

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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Program at Advanced Plastic Surgery incorporates non-surgical options that have been proven to promote hair growth. This complex treatment regimen includes a series of PRP injections, topical scalp solution therapy, Low-Light Laser Treatment, and hair-nourishing oral supplements.

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